Welcome to PhotoDay

You’re about to begin an exciting journey that will revolutionize the way you do picture day. With a completely online solution, you will never again be bogged down with paper forms, checks, lab bills, manual data matching, etc. Now, all you need to do is set your prices, upload great photos, and let your customers know where to go—we’ll take care of the rest! Just sit back, relax, and watch your sales roll in.

So how does it work? This guide acts as a step-by-step tour, walking you through the set-up process and getting you ready to use PhotoDay for a wide range of job types. You might already be familiar with PhotoDay—maybe you’ve watched a webinar, heard testimonials, or seen our features in action—but whether you’re brand new or looking for a refresher…we’re here to help you take the plunge and get the most out of PhotoDay.

As you go through this guide, you'll learn all sorts of commonly used words and terms we use at PhotoDay. We also have a handy PhotoDay Glossary that we encourage you to bookmark and reference as needed!

Ready to get going? Let’s get your online studio up and running by first creating your account.