Private Gallery Guide

Adding Photos (Private Gallery)

This section will walk you through uploading photos to a private gallery. For group or public galleries, go to this section.

File Requirements and Suggestions

  • Photos should be in a JPG/JPEG or PNG file format. 
  • File size must be between 30K and 15MB.
  • File names can have a maximum of 31 characters before the file extension.

If a photo does not meet the above requirements, it will be skipped during upload.

  • If you attempt to upload a file with special characters (like < > : ” \ / ? | * ~) the characters will be stripped from the file name, but the file will still be uploaded.
  • For optimal printing, make sure your photo color space is sRGB.
  • There is no need to zip your files before uploading.

Uploading Photos

You can now upload your professional photos to the gallery and watch the magic happen! FaceFind is doing the hard work of matching faces to data, so please be patient if it takes a little while to finish.

Next, learn how to match and ignore photos.