Private Gallery Guide

Matching and Ignoring Photos

FaceFind does a great job of automatically matching uploaded professional photos to the reference photos included in your subject data. However, sometimes a few photos might slip through the cracks. Those that are not matched automatically will appear under the Unmatched category of the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Sorting and matching these photos is a simple process. Click on the photo or photos you wish to match, then click the Match button that appears in the top right of your gallery.

This will open the Match window, where you can select the reference photo that matches the professional photo you chose. Select a reference photo and press the blue Match button.

Sometimes PhotoDay will recognize a face in a photo that does not belong to anyone in your subject data. You can choose to ignore this face by selecting it, then clicking the orange Ignore Face button.

You can bypass the Match window completely by simply dragging and dropping a photo (or multiple photos) onto the name of the person on the left side of your gallery.

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