New Marketing Tools for A New Picture Day

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August 1, 2018

Introducing the PhotoDay Marketing Kit

PhotoDay is a brand new concept in volume photography. You’re taking your business 100% online - and that requires a new kind of marketing - one where you drive your customers to their phones (where they already spend most of their time).

Online marketing is powerful - it enables you to connect with customers on their devices and engage them for longer periods of time. It allows you to give them incentives to purchase from you sooner and at higher order values. But, we know this doesn’t magically happen!

That’s why we’ve created a Marketing Kit right in the PhotoDay studio panel. It contains lots of customizable marketing tools to help drive customers to their online galleries where they can conveniently browse photos, customize products and place orders. The better your marketing, the better your sales!

Common marketing wisdom says that someone has to see a message seven times in order for the message to make a lasting impression.

Because the concept of texting a code to obtain access to pictures is new to many of your customers, it’s important that you share that concept and the code with them several times at multiple touch points (both online AND offline)!

The PhotoDay Marketing Kit is available only to our users and contains banners, posters, business cards, and social media graphics that will help you get the highest participation from each picture day. Each item can be customized with your brand and picture day specifics - the date of the picture day, special offers, and of course the unique access code that brings them right into their gallery!

Personalize the Templates

All of the templates in our marketing kit have been created by a professional designer. The intent is for you to personalize them with your own logo and access codes. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop to insert your logo and codes. As a photographer, you know that appearances are important. Make sure to double check your template before printing. If sending the files to a professional printer, make sure to discuss getting the best print quality for your budget.

Banners & Posters

We recommend using the banners and posters in several places.Place posters and banners inside the school, rink, studio or field house as soon as possible after setting the date. Remember, it takes seven times for a message to fully be absorbed, so the more time parents see the picture day date and access info, the better!

Bring posters and banners to your picture day. Make sure to place the posters in highly visible locations and train your staff to encourage parents and each kid as they are photographed to text the access code so they are alerted as soon as the gallery is available.

Reminder Cards

At some types of picture days, when no parents are present and you have to rely on the kids to tell their parents how to access the gallery, these cards come in handy. You can pass them out to every child after their photo is taken. Also, sometimes nannies, grandparents or other caregivers are responsible for bringing children to and from a picture day - you can make sure that they get a card to bring home. And, even when parents are present the cards can be a great reminder! You get it...the cards are a really easy, low-cost way to get the gallery information where it needs to be. 

            Above example courtesy of 928 Photo, Flagstaff, Arizona

Social Media Graphics

The social media graphic templates included can be used on your own page, on the organization’s page - or both! It really depends on where parents are most likely to see it. These customizable graphics are a great way to get the word out to parents about an upcoming picture day, to alert them when their galleries are published, and to encourage them to take advantage of limited time special offers. You can sync up with the person who runs social media for the organization and ask them to share these graphic posts before, during, and after the event! They’re a great way to create the buzz that everyone desires.

We want to help studios adapt to a new kind of marketing for a new kind of picture day. The tools in the PhotoDay Marketing Kit are a great place to start!

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