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A frictionless, contactless workflow for photographers that enables more poses, faster turnaround time, and brings picture day right to customers' mobile devices.
How it Works

Capture matches and groups photos together faster than you can say "picture day"

Capture + PhotoDay enables you to create private galleries of individuals by automatically matching people data with professional photos using our facial clustering technology, FaceFind. Get ready to simplify digital data collection. The best part? It requires no additional equipment—just download the app to your phone or tablet.
Before Picture Day

Map Data Dynamically

Add subject data to PhotoDay before picture day or on the go. Each subject gets a unique access code to a private gallery. On location, you'll have all the information you need on your mobile devices through Capture. Didn't receive any data in advance? No worries—you can always add or update data on picture day directly in the app.
During Picture Day

Capture Reference Photos

Say goodbye to barcodes and timestamps. On picture day, simply open Capture and snap a picture of the subject to check them in—before, during, or even after you take their photo. The app doesn't require cellular data or a wifi connection, and adding users is easy and free. PhotoDay Capture frees you up to create more images without the worry of jotting down image numbers.
After Picture Day

Data Matching with FaceFind

This is where FaceFind works its magic ✨ Capture syncs the reference photos and data to PhotoDay, so all you have to do is upload your professional photos and watch FaceFind match the right face to the right data. FaceFind is wildly accurate—we've tested it on individuals, buddy poses, group photos, profile views, sunglasses, face can even differentiate between twins!
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