Facts! When and How Customers Purchase

Written by
Lisa Mallis
March 26, 2020

Part of the excitement when taking your business online is using data to help better understand customers and their journeys. We’re able to collect feedback in ways paper-based studios could only dream about. Having an online marketing strategy is important to your success. When executed properly, you can get more creative and offer more image options to your customers - all the while simplifying your backend workflow!

Combining PhotoDay’s text marketing with a fully mobile experience, you are able to continuously bring your customers back to your galleries. This can help mitigate diverted attention spans, and bring eyes continuously to your photos. Here’s a few interesting facts that may help answer some questions you may have had along the way.

When do customers typically purchase?

Customers will typically purchase around the late morning and early afternoon, centering around 12pm. There is also a spike in sales to be found in the mid to late evenings on weekdays. Keep in mind that the auto-SMS reminder series will deploy to galleries all over PhotoDay according to when the gallery was first published. The initial publish text will deploy the minute you first change your gallery status to Published, and will mark the beginning of the automated SMS series. So we definitely recommend publishing your galleries when sales tend to peak! Additionally, if you need an extra push, our customer success team works Monday through Friday to help plan custom text messages that target specific needs for each job. This means we’re working individually with each and every PhotoDay user to ensure 100% success!

Times shown are Eastern.

Are they using their phone, computer, or tablet?

Clearly, mobile is king with nearly 87% of all PhotoDay visitors accessing the platform from their smartphone. Focusing on staying in front of customers and implementing mobile marketing strategies is what’s going to be most important in this case. The experience should be simple and straight-forward, driving customers to check out in as few steps as possible.

Apple vs. Android

This one is just for fun. PhotoDay has worked to provide the same great experience on any device your customer might be using, but Apple has shown to be the clear winner among mobile-using parents of school-aged children. 82% of all mobile PhotoDay users are using an Apple device!

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