PhotoDay Transforms Picture Day for US Schools with Capture App 2.0

Written by
Emiley Jones
July 1, 2021

A frictionless workflow for photographers that enables more poses, faster turnaround time, and brings picture day right to customer’s mobile devices.

Winter Park, Florida (6-30-21): Today, PhotoDay, a platform revolutionizing volume photography, announced Capture 2.0 App. The app is one of many components that updates and modernizes the picture day process for preschools, elementary schools, and underclass in the United States. Capture uses FaceFind—advanced facial recognition technology—to identify students quickly and group photos together, like sibling, friend, and class photos. Robin Janson of Sock Monkey Photography says, “Using QR codes allows a lot of room for error, whereas FaceFind is foolproof with its facial recognition; 99.9% of the images match.”

The process also simplifies digital data collection and requires no additional equipment for photographers, saving both time and costs. Families connect to their private gallery using text marketing (shortcode 90738), and the gallery automatically notifies them when photos are ready to view and purchase—sending customers directly to the mobile-friendly site or Galleries app.

Meanwhile, the photographer captures multiple poses without any creative limits. Families now have more options, can purchase their favorites, mix and match packages, and ship orders directly to their doorsteps—all from their mobile phones. There is also a wider variety of products from which to choose since orders ship directly to the customer and no longer need to be sent home in a student’s backpack.

Photographers using PhotoDay spend more time engaging with their customers and less time behind their desks. Trailblazer Zeke Moreno of Chalkboard Photography says, “Being a business owner, one of the main things we value is time—time with family, at the schools, and in the office. And if I can save time by eliminating tedious tasks, then I’m all for it. And that’s PhotoDay. It’s for the everyday user, the high-volume user, the user with multiple jobs, and the user wearing many hats.”

The results are premium images and an optimal experience for all. The numbers speak for themselves: PhotoDay has a 72% Net Promoter Score, over 700,000 families served, 4.1 million texts sent YTD in 2021, and tens of millions of photos requested. See Capture 2.0 and PhotoDay in action here or watch the event replay.

About PhotoDayPhotoDay is a forward-thinking platform that simplifies the image management process for photographers, enhances the image searching and purchasing capabilities for consumers, and streamlines the direct to print gateway for photo labs. PhotoDay was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Winter Park, FL. For more information, visit

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