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Dashboard by PhotoDay

At PhotoDay, we’ve always been dedicated to helping you be free. Not just from tethers, paper order forms, and data entry, but also from feeling tied to your desk. Now you can step away from the computer and let us tell you when you’ve made a new sale.

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The Perfect Companion

Track orders + sales in real time

We created the Dashboard App because we know that once you hit publish on a job, you’re constantly refreshing your browser watching those sales stream into your PhotoDay account. With Dashboard, there’s no need to stare at your screen in anticipation. Track orders in real-time. Always know your sales. View and share #PD100s.
PhotoDay Dashboard on Devices

For Your Phone

Performance in the palm of your hand

Dashboard for your phone gives you a top-down look at how your studio is performing. From a summary of your sales that shows how you’re trending to easy access to every order placed, Dashboard keeps you in the loop.
PhotoDay Dashboard on Phone

For Your Watch

A wearable wonder

Dashboard for Apple Watch gives you studio access right on your wrist. Designed with quick access in mind, we created a plethora of complications for your watch face to keep you in the know. We’ve even put together some of our favorites to get you started! Browse Watch Faces. If you’re using Dashboard for Android, you can enable app notifications on your smart watch.
PhotoDay Dashboard Watch Faces

Share Your Success

Be a part of the PD100 fun

Image is everything, especially when selling online. Customers expect quality photography and a variety of images from which to choose. By sharing #PD100s in our private PhotoDay Users Group, studios can collaborate and inspire each other to keep creating more amazing images that customers love.
PD100 on Devices

Latest Watch Faces

You can now easily install Apple Watch faces that include new Dashboard complications. View your sales summary, orders, detailed sales, credits sold, and PD100s just by looking at your watch!
Watch Face Siri


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Watchface Infographic


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Watch Face Mod 1

Infograph Mod 1

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Watch Face Infographic 2

Infograph Mod 2

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Watch Face Chronograph

Chronograph Pro

Click to Install
Watch Face Nike

Nike Compact

Click to Install
Watch Face Activity

Activity Digital

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Watch Face Breathe


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Watch Face Explorer


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Watch Face Meridian


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Watch Face Minnie

Minnie Mouse

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Watch Face Mickey

Mickey Mouse

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Read what our Dashboard users have to say

Wouldn’t it be cool if every time you felt a vibration on your wrist it meant that you just made money? Well, that’s exactly what the new PhotoDay Apple Watch app does! Buzz... Cha-ching… you just sold some great photos!!! We love it!

Kathleen headshot image
Kathleen Martin
LKN Images

Having access to the Dashboard on my phone and now the Apple Watch keeps me informed about my business. And who doesn’t love hearing the cash register ring! Numbers matter in business, trends and performance of galleries help me to see if there’s a problem as well as the overall health of my business. It means the difference between working harder and working smarter.

Brian Derenski headshot image
Brian Derenski
Brian Derenksi Photography

Loving the Dashboard app.  The most useful feature is watching AdvancePay credits coming in while I am shooting at that photoshoot.  That way I know my salesperson is doing a good job.  And of course, I enjoy watching the #PD100 sales rolling in.  This is a tough job, while I am driving all over the state taking photos, it is nice to see the results of my efforts in real-time.

Jay Boatwright headshot image
Jay Boatwright
smaX Photography
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