From workflow-enhancing tools to advanced customization options, PhotoDay is jam-packed with features for both studios and parents alike.

Simple Workflow

Set Up and Sell Faster Than Ever

Gallery Types

Dive into image-first selling with PhotoDay’s modern galleries. The 3 versatile gallery types — Private, Group, Public — allow you to control how customers access and view their photos, all while making your work shine with a user-friendly checkout experience.

Learn more about PhotoDay Gallery Types.

Capture App

Say goodbye to manual matching, QR codes, and paperwork! The Capture App (iOS, Android) provides a frictionless, contactless workflow for photographers that enables more poses and faster turnaround time. Let FaceFind do the work by automatically matching subject data with professional photos, making your data dynamic and uniquely interactive. The best part? It requires no additional equipment—just download the app to your phone or tablet.

See how Capture matches and groups photos together faster than you can say "picture day."

Dashboard App

We designed the Dashboard App to help you be free. Not just from tethers, paper order forms, and data entry, but also from feeling tied to your desk. With the Dashboard App (iOS, Android) for both your mobile device and watch, you can step away from your computer without disconnecting from your studio—let us tell you when you’ve made a new sale!

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A variety of export options are available to studios using private galleries in PhotoDay. With a number of filters, formats, and export types (including subject data CSV, yearbook PSPA, and service item CSV), the process is quick, easy, and automated.

Learn more about exports in PhotoDay.


Looking to achieve consistent head sizing when exporting images for yearbooks and service items? Enter: the AutoCrop feature. AutoCrop is a service offered by PhotoDay to help streamline your export workflow in private galleries. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to recognize a face in a photo, then crops the image so that all head sizes are the same.

Learn more about AutoCrop and exports.

Customer Experience

Ordering and Personalization Made Easy

Customer Storefront

Each gallery type allows you to sell 100% online (no more order forms) with PhotoDay’s customer storefront. Customers can access their photos and buy packages and products with ease right from their phone or computer. They can then customize themes, text, crops, and more during the checkout process! The best part? As soon as your customers place their order, it’s sent to the lab for fulfillment, leaving you free to focus on what you do best—taking amazing photos.

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FaceFind is PhotoDay’s facial clustering technology that makes finding, matching, and grouping photos together a breeze. It’s a game-changing tool that is sure to save you countless hours of paperwork and keeping track of who’s who. FaceFind functions as a customer-facing search tool in Group and Public Galleries. In Private Galleries, FaceFind works behind the scenes with the Capture App to help you leave manual data matching in the past.

See the magic of FaceFind in action.

Live Preview

Customers expect to see a preview of their products before purchasing, especially for products like memory mates, buttons, and other various themed items. These previews display any theming options, background choices, photos, text, and crops selected during the customer’s customization process. Live preview offers peace of mind for customers and fewer reprints for labs and studios.

See how live preview works.

Custom Themes

Sell products branded specifically to the organization you’re photographing with custom memory mate themes. While PhotoDay provides our own collection of beautiful custom theme options, studios are also able to create and upload their own designs. This is a great addition to woo and wow both customers and organizations alike.

Learn about custom themes in PhotoDay.


Looking for extractions? PhotoDay’s knockouts service has you covered. We already know image is king when it comes to selling online, and offering a variety of images matters when it comes to keeping consumers happy. You won’t have to pick and choose which poses to knock out and offer to your customers. Let them choose the ones they love, instead!

Read more about PhotoDay Knockouts.


The backgrounds feature enables studios to upload multiple collections of custom backgrounds, allowing customers to mix and match poses and backgrounds for packages and products with a simple swipe and preview. Studios can also upload a combination of JPG images and PNG images to the same gallery. This encourages multipose purchases, higher AOVs, and overall happy, creative customers.

See our Backgrounds feature in action.


Retouching is a feature that magically softens and smooths skin, removes acne blemishes, and evens skin tone without affecting permanent scars, freckles, etc. Studios can add retouching to any price sheet, and it will show up during the checkout process for customers to add on to any or all of the photos in their cart.

Learn more about Retouching.


Automated Marketing from Beginning to Delivery


AdvancePay (AP) is PhotoDay’s answer to traditional pre-pay. Whereas with paper forms, parents would select their photo packages and pay before photos were taken—with AdvancePay, customers can purchase credits before picture day that they can apply to their photo order after picture day. For photographers, this means you can lock in early sales without limiting future sales. For customers, they get to buy in with an AP purchase, sign up for text notifications, and receive an offer specifically for AP purchasers.

Learn more about AdvancePay.

Text Marketing

PhotoDay’s smart text marketing is a free, automatic feature using SMS (short message service). All you have to do is instruct your customers on how to opt-in to a gallery by texting their access code to 90738 and/or by clicking “Subscribe” in the gallery. Once opted-in, customers receive various notifications including when the gallery is published, special offers, reminders to order, order confirmation, shipping info, and more!

See how text marketing brings picture day right to your customers' mobile devices.

Drop + Bulk Shipping

PhotoDay offers 3 types of shipping options. Drop shipping is a direct-to-door solution and the default shipping option within PhotoDay. Customer orders are shipped directly to their door once fulfilled by the lab. With direct delivery, customers can enjoy their photos even sooner. We also offer a bulk shipping option for private galleries. Studios can offer free overnight bulk shipping (which ships all orders directly to one chosen address) or let the customer choose how they would like to receive their orders via drop shipping (which ships as fast as they want to their own address).

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