How to Transition to Online Sales

Written by
Wes Greene
April 28, 2020

For more information on transitioning to online sales, watch this webinar replay

Today, we’re going to let you in on something - we’re sharing PhotoDay’s secret recipe for a successful marketing strategy for both urgency, as well as maximum sales!

The good news? You only need these two main ingredients: images and opt-ins!


Before our official first step, be sure to prepare your marketing materials - we have plenty of templates available in the Marketing Kit in your Resources section!

Step 1: AdvancePay

Customers who purchase AdvancePay credits will get the best deal. Simply create an offer for Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more*, and set your AdvancePay credit amount to $35. This will ensure your customers have enough credit to apply to their final orders, and they get to take full advantage of the best deal possible!

* To prevent customer confusion, we suggest setting your AdvancePay credit and offer minimum to the same amount.

Step 2: Best Pricing

Get your info to your customers well in advance, just so they know to order as soon as possible to get the best price. We recommend expiring your best pricing 2-3 weeks after publishing - this gives you the leeway you need for that last push to close sales without expiring the gallery.

Step 3: Social Sharing Downloads

Use this lower-resolution download product as a time-sensitive offer to build up excitement. Customers can only receive social sharing downloads by purchasing a package within the first 48 hours the gallery has been published. First, you’ll need to duplicate your “Best Price” price sheet from Step Two.

Then, add a social sharing download to each package.

Make sure to update the description of your package to include the text “FREE Social Download included with this package - 48 hours only!”

Finally, send us a request in the orange support bubble to deploy a promotional text when you’re ready to publish the gallery. If you’re using PhotoDay’s Publish Later feature, make sure you allow enough time to coordinate with our team.

Step 4: Publish + Sell

Expect around half of your sales to happen within the first two weeks after publishing. In addition, you should expect a few customer questions - but don’t stress! We’re here to help you if any of them stump you. If at any time you need us, feel free to reach out in the orange support bubble, or forward an email to

Step 5: Expire Your Best Pricing

By now you’ve got sales rolling in, though they may be starting to stall. You can give your gallery a boost by requesting PhotoDay’s “Best Price” text series from the support bubble!

Step 6: PD100

Wondering what #pd100 is all about? You might have earned one by this point! If you get a sale over $100, don’t be shy - share your success in our Facebook Users Group! When you combine special offers, multiple poses, and a slick customer experience, #pd100 happens quite often!

Step 7: Review the buy rates checklist.

If you haven’t already, read this comprehensive guide to everything you need to do to succeed with online sales!

Step 8: Demo Gallery

Make sure your staff (and YOU!) are knowledgeable and comfortable with the entire process. You can do this by creating a demo gallery, or by using one of our existing demo galleries here. Check this post out to read all the reasons why you should be promoting your studio with a demo gallery!

The Result

In about 30 days time, you’ll have successfully transitioned your first job completely online. And one of the best parts about this? You’ll be able to adapt and tweak any of these steps until you find that perfect online success strategy that suits your studio’s unique needs. Happy selling!

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