APS Lab Joins PhotoDay as Newest Lab Partner

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December 1, 2023

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with the well-established APS Lab (Advanced Photographic Solutions). As we continue to elevate the PhotoDay platform and enhance your experience, we're excited about this collaboration that will bring a myriad of benefits to both photographers and customers by ensuring a seamless and exceptional photo ordering process through PhotoDay with the high-quality prints and products of APS Lab.

Starting 12/4/23, PhotoDay Users can add APS Lab to their accounts and choose them for any or all of their jobs! If you don’t have a PhotoDay account yet, you can select them during sign-up!

Why APS Lab?

APS Lab is a renowned name in the world of professional photo printing and fulfillment. As one of the largest wholesale photo finishing labs in the country, their commitment to high-quality products, efficient fulfillment, and reliable customer service aligns perfectly with our own dedication to providing photographers with the best products and tools available. 

With over 40 years of industry experience, APS Lab has earned an excellent reputation, making them an ideal partner. Providing services covering multiple photo categories, including underclass, sports, senior, and general volume photography markets, APS has been a stalwart lab for many volume photography studios across the country from its offices in Cleveland, TN.

What Can You Expect from This Partnership?

Streamlined Order Fulfillment

APS boasts a 100,000+ sq/ft facility with over 200 dedicated professionals, proficiently capable of delivering an impressive output of 18,000 units per hour. Their capacity allows them to stay on time even during peak periods. With a focus on speed and accuracy, APS has an average of less than 3 days of in-house production time and over 98% accuracy.

As with all of PhotoDay’s lab partners, order fulfillment is a breeze. If you’re currently using APS Lab, consider signing up for a free PhotoDay account to test out the seamless integration. In PhotoDay, the entire process—from publishing the gallery to customers placing their orders to shipping directly to your clients—will be efficient and hands-off for you, the studio. What you do with your new free time is up to you!

Exceptional Print Quality

We understand the importance of delivering high-quality prints to your clients, and APS Lab shares this commitment to excellence! They utilize state-of-the-art printing technology and premium materials to produce stunning representations of your work that your customers will love.

Quality Product Offering

Through our collaboration with APS Lab, you can look forward to an excellent range of products to offer your schools, organizations, and customers. From standard prints to premium photo products to personalized gifts, you can expect high-quality offerings to thrill your customer base and boost your revenue potential.

How to Add APS Lab to Your PhotoDay Account

If you're already a PhotoDay User, this partnership will only enhance your experience. You'll have the option to add APS Lab into your workflow with just the click of a button. As always, you can have as many of our lab partners added to your account as you’d like. Just follow these simple instructions, then create a new price sheet with APS Lab.

If you’re not a PhotoDay User yet, this is the perfect opportunity to take us for a test drive this winter ❄️ Forget the paper order forms and move your galleries online for higher sales and happier customers! 

It’s completely free to get started. The best way to experience PhotoDay is to create an account and have a look around with no strings attached. You can select APS as your lab during sign-up!

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