The Evolution of Photography

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February 13, 2019

The Evolution of  Photography Video first aired at SPAC 2019.  In case you missed it in it is.

Why we do picture day stays the same, but how we do it is changing...

It all started when National School Studios, founded in 1936, established "volume photography" as we know it today. However, there was still a long period of time before this when photography itself was just taking its first steps.

Relatively speaking, photography is a "new" concept, which only appeared around the same time as the electromagnet and the steam locomotive.

Throwing it back from crude heliographs in the 1820s, to Daguerreotypes in the 1860s, to hi-resolution 20th-century FILM, we’ve been sharpening our focus to capture where we were – and who we are NOW.

We’ve honed our techniques, and pushed our creativity to pioneer NEW approaches to this industry. We see PhotoDay as part of the evolution. We are fueled by the innovators and visionaries who came before us.

Technology is constantly changing and those who adapt to this new world, those who appeal to today's digital parents, THOSE are the ones who see the big picture –and profit from it. We at PhotoDay are determined and excited to get you there– are you ready?

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