4 Things Parents Want Their Child’s Photographer to Know

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May 27, 2019

Ever wonder what would make your customers not just satisfied...but happy, really happy?

We did too, so we did a little sleuthing. After customers place orders on PhotoDay, we invite them to take a survey, and many have taken us up on this invitation. Here’s what they want their photographer to know:

1. Please don't make the watermark cover the majority of the subject’s face! You can adjust the watermark position and opacity in your PhotoDay Studio Panel.

What parents have to say:

“I understand the need to watermark the pics until purchase but the watermark should not cover the face to the extent of not being able to see my kid's face. This made it difficult to see which pics I really liked and this affects your selling of the pictures if we can't see which one we want to purchase because we can't see their faces.”

“Your stamp was right over my child’s face, making it difficult to see it. As a result, I ended up purchasing a bad photo...not happy at all seeing as I paid almost $100 for my photos. Maybe think about moving the stamp to a photo corner.”

2. Use free shipping offers, because EVERYONE expects free shipping nowadays - even if it means building the shipping costs into your pricing. Read more about offers.

What parents have to say:

“The ease of ordering was great. However, the shipping cost was a bit high. I would suggest having a deadline for ordering then shipping the order to the school/coach in bulk to save on shipping costs.

“I did not like that there were shipping costs.”

3. Include digital downloads as a sweetener in your packages and add them as an a la carte product. This allows customers to save photos forever and have them printed on just about anything!

What a parent has to say:

“I loved being able to purchase a digital download that I can print at a later time.”

“Thanks for offering a digital download. I can’t wait to print up some photo gifts for our whole family.”

4. Quality matters!!!! Remember to check every picture you are taking and editing and ask yourself, would I want this photo? If you're ready to step up your photography game, be sure to watch the replay of Jay Boatwright's info-packed webinar: Art Quality Photography for Volume Photographers

What parents have to say:

“The background was terrible, the team photo was totally out of proportion and my daughter covered up the team name in the picture. I have not received the pictures but hoping the issues are fixed once received. I really liked the online ordering experience!”

“Photographs are dark. Not happy.”

“Try to make the edit look more natural.”

“The photoshopping on the team photo is absolutely AWFUL. The biggest kid on the team looks like a shrimp, the smallest kids look huge and one kid has a beetle juice head. There has got to be a better job done in the future. The pic is literally comical.”

“The group picture was mis-proportioned. My daughter was almost as big as the coach.”

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