Rethinking Packages in an Online World

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November 23, 2020

A little over 2 years ago, we published the blog Creating Packages that Work. Since then, we have learned even more about selling volume photography in an online world and what customers are looking for when it comes to professional volume sports & school photography.

Forget everything you know about creating packages + products on paper forms.

Paper forms and/or preselling packages online prior to picture day typically include 1 individual image and 1 group image per group, with a fixed amount of products accommodating those specific shots. This strategy includes a printed order form and/or a link to pre-purchase a package on paper or online, sometimes with a display table and example images of the products, money-saving packages, and relies on the trust you’ve built that you’ll create great images—even though customers won’t see them until after the transaction has been completed.

When moving your business online, so many factors change, including the mindset of our customers. Convenience sells—customers love being able to buy what they want, when they want. Now images sell first, and the product is secondary. You have the option to sell instant image downloads and prints together. And most importantly, multiple images can be offered, increasing options for customers so they can purchase exactly what they want. Incentivizing customers to spend more, save more, and order sooner becomes the key to success.

Let’s talk more about multiple poses. Not only do poses increase your odds of getting the best photograph and expression, but they also give customers options and increase your inventory. The more inventory to sell, the higher the potential sales can go.

Now reflect back on the traditional paper form package—one pose and one group photo. Before and during picture day, we paint a picture of what the products will look like with graphics and themes, helping customers envision what their final products will look like.

The customer decides which package to purchase based on offerings and savings. This doesn’t translate entirely to selling online with PhotoDay, especially with AdvancePay, because the key selling points are totally different. Now customers have the option to see before they buy and purchase only what they love.

We always recommend qualifying your serious buyers by requesting an AdvancePay credit purchase. You can make it as little as $5, but we recommend starting at $10. Next, decide on how many images you’ll create for each individual and group (if applicable).  A good example is Jay Boatwright’s “progressions.” Progressions are a fast and efficient way to capture multiple images in a high-paced volume photography environment. Add in family and buddy photos, and now the customer has an entire album of poses and combinations to choose from.

Finally, you’re ready to design your price sheet. Start by pricing all of your items in a la carte, then begin adding different products into packages for extra savings—no coupons needed! We also recommend putting the savings in dollar amounts or percentages as part of your package descriptions so customers can clearly see what the overall value is for each package.

An example of a package:

Package Name: Most Popular Package
Package Description: A mix of prints and a social media image to share with your friends and family. Your favorite package! Save $15 instantly, no offer code needed!

  • (1) 8×10 Luster Print
  • (1) 5×7 Luster Print
  • (1) Social Sharing Download
  • (1) 8 Wallets Luster Die-cut
  • (1) 4×6 Luster Print
  • (1) 4×6 Luster Print
  • (1) 5×7 Graphic Print Luster Horizontal
  • (1) 3.5×5 Magnet Luster

By having the same product listed on multiple lines, the customer is able to mix and match poses. By using a graphic horizontal layout product, the image node calls for the customer to order their group photo, which FaceFind automatically locates for them while they walk through each step.

When you sign up and connect to a PhotoDay partner lab, we automatically add a demo price sheet for you. Feel free to modify it as you see fit for your jobs. The best way to test drive your new price sheet is to create a demo gallery, attach your price sheet, and opt-in as the customer. Here are 4 reasons you need to do this right now, if you haven’t already. Leave no question unanswered—we are here to help! Reach out in the bubble, set up a time to chat via phone, or email us at

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