Never Have I Ever

Written by
Lisa Mallis
March 14, 2018

Wow! I have to share my excitement through the game “Never Have I Ever”, because it’s fitting!

Never have I ever been asked to write copy or had the need to think about how to present sports & school picture day directly to the customer in today’s digital world, until now.

Never have I ever communicated exactly what I want to say to the customer about my picture day products and offerings. For example, I’m not just presenting a photo of trading cards with a price! Now I have the ability to present trading cards, with a price and a fun description!

Never have I ever connected with a customer like everyone else. When I say everyone else I mean Amazon, Uber, Shipt and Groupon.

Never have I ever effectively implemented a meaningful digital marketing plan that includes push notifications and text messaging. I can send useful information and use offers to connect and engage, NOT just clog their email and sit there never to be opened among thousands of other useless emails.

Never have I ever envisioned volume photography without piles of paperwork and keeping track of which images go to which person. OH the calls. OH the digging through piles of paperwork to find that order with insufficient funds. OH the image number written down transposed, or the barcode that wasn’t scanned.

Never have I ever thought that I would ever be educating others and trying to change the way things are done for the evolution of our industry.

Look guys, when the team asked me to write the product features, description, promotional text and keywords... I felt this overwhelming sense of responsibility to make it as awesome as I could to engage customers and bring value back to what we do as volume photographers.

Then I realized, wow, never have we ever connected on this level, until PhotoDay.

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