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October 4, 2019

Today is a BIG DAY for us as we proudly announce Bay Photo as our sixth lab partner. Bay is a powerhouse in our industry, leading the way with innovative photographic print and photo finishing services for over 40 years. Their focus on quality products, impeccable service, and technology make them an ideal partner for PhotoDay.

“We needed an online workflow and sales solution that didn’t just meet the needs of our studios but also anticipated the future of our entire industry, which was a tall order,” said Larry Abitbol, Bay Photo founder and president. “We chose PhotoDay because of its flexible, well-thought-out features for today, and its unrelenting focus on innovating for tomorrow.”

The bottom line is that Bay Photo knows the pro photography market - they’ve served school, sports, portrait, and event photographers for years as a full-feature, full-strength photo product manufacturer. They also know that the secret to success goes beyond providing top products and services. They look to intuition and data to make decisions that best serve their studios - and they know that the latest technology, applied smartly, is an essential ingredient. We couldn’t be more excited to bring Bay Photo onboard.

Our founders Jon Dantes and Rainer Flor have worked with Bay for years before PhotoDay was even conceived.  Jon, PhotoDay’s CEO shared, “The folks at Bay have always been our friends, but now they’re PhotoDay family. This milestone means a lot to all of us.”


100% Online & Mobile

People manage every aspect of their lives from their online, mobile devices. That’s why more schools and leagues are requiring photographers to have an online ordering system. Now, studios who love Bay can give today’s parents the experience they want!

Awesome Customer Experience

The entire PhotoDay + Bay ordering experience is designed to be quick and convenient for customers. Parents can browse photos of their child in different poses/expressions and then choose from a wide selection of Bay products and packages, beautifully displayed and easily customized with themed graphics, multiple photos, and more.

More Choices = Higher Sales

With the ability to marry multiple expressions with a wide range of quality photo products, studios who use PhotoDay are seeing record high order values.

End-to-End Marketing

The key to successful online sales is marketing. Marketing drives everything from participation to order conversion to reorders. PhotoDay’s integrated marketing system kicks in as soon as the customer texts in one simple access code. Customers get alerts right on their phones about AdvancePay offers, gallery access, special discounts and more. We make it super easy for studios to set up price sheets, discount offers, and seasonal promotions, increasing the number of orders, average order values, and total sales $$$!

Central Fulfillment & Direct Delivery

Bay Photo orders are fulfilled out of their state-of-the art facilities in Springfield, Missouri, and Scotts Valley, California. As soon as an order is placed, the order information will go immediately to Bay Photo for processing - and then ship directly to the customer. This seamless flow dramatically speeds up the time it takes from placing an order to receiving the products.

No Upfront Costs

PhotoDay is free to sign up – so it’s super low-risk for photographers to give it a try. It all starts with one job. The PhotoDay and Bay teams are on hand to help with the initial setup to ensure that each job is a success.

Get ready to transform your business with Bay + PhotoDay - give your customers the ease and convenience they expect...and deserve! Sign up for Bay + PhotoDay today – it’s FREE to get started!

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