Four Reasons You Need a Demo Gallery NOW

Written by
Wes Greene
May 7, 2020

Showcase Your Images!

What is a better way to promote your studio than to let your images speak for themselves? You can set up a demo gallery within PhotoDay to both show off your skills, and to get people familiar with the PhotoDay ordering process! Display your work from many different kinds of jobs - sports, composites, school, dance…the more variety, the more you can show how versatile you can be to prospective clients!

Interactive Shopping Cart

Exhibit your product lineup by creating a demo price sheet with sample packages and products. Let your potential clients drive the cart and explore all of the different items they can purchase from your studio and partner lab.

Show the PhotoDay Process

Provide them with your demo gallery access code, and have them text it to the PhotoDay shortcode (90738). Try and make the code something fun, yet recognizable - like your studio name! By opting in, prospective clients can see the experience for themselves.

Sell It

By asking prospects to opt-in to your demo gallery, you know have their phone number, as well as the date they opted in. Add these numbers to a follow-up lead campaign, and reach out to book the job!

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