The Value of Digitals

Written by
Lisa Mallis
September 15, 2020

Digital downloads with PhotoDay won't cost you a single penny (effective 9/15/2020). There are two options you can offer-- Social Sharing or High Resolution (print release automatically included). How do you market and sell digital downloads? Why do customers want digitals downloads? We asked a group of parents of school-age children what they thought about digital downloads and here are a few of their answers:

  • I don’t buy the digital file because they are too pricey and the image is usually not my favorite.
  • I bought a digital download once because I love the way it looked, but did not print.
  • I don't usually buy it b/c it's pricey. I'd much rather have affordable packages.
  • So I can share with family and friends.
  • I like to buy the digital download if it is affordable. I like to post it on social media. I also like to have a printed professional photograph as well.
  • As a backup, in case the prints get destroyed
  • I only buy the fridge magnets for sports. I find packages to be overpriced and I do not need to display a bunch of photographs.
  • I print some from home. I also share the file with family because everyone is spread out across the county.

Digital downloads hold value - and the value is determined by the quality of the product you create.


Blow customers away by mastering image quality and customer experience and stand out from the rest. PhotoDay’s Director of Education, Jay Boatwright, does just that. He’s created a demand for his product that is difficult to be copied by competition. It’s given sMax Photography an edge and since taking his studio online, he’s increased sales nearly 100% in some cases.


When bringing sales online, there will be a decrease in participation (customer views to unique sales). This happens from a multitude of reasons listed here. To counter this, increase the number of images per person and create more opportunity for higher sales. We know multi-pose works. We also know it’s not just about the pose, but also the expression. So make sure your picture day experience is fun, relaxing, and most importantly, not rushed. Without the mundane task of managing paperwork, barcodes, QR codes, and/or image numbers, replace this time with creating the ultimate picture day experience for your customers.


Jay Boatwright has provided us with some insight into why and how the image affects sales in an online world. During a few Facebook live “image critiquing” sessions Jay breaks the images up into 3 categories: iPhone quality, Paper Forms (pre-pay), and PhotoDay. Studios who have taken this information and executed have reaped the benefits of a hands-free picture day and post-processing effort (no lab submissions), all while increasing sales. Make sure to check out the webinar Image is Everything.If your image looks like something mom can reproduce with her iPhone, then asking too much for a download is going to upset your customer. Today’s customer has expectations beyond what they can capture and edit with their pocket camera and consumer-friendly editing apps. When you increase the quality of the image, the ask becomes much greater. Begin pricing your high-res downloads by using your average order value. If you typically collect $30 per order on average, then use this as a starting point. Add in the cost of multi-pose, which can be valued at an additional estimated $10 (post-processing time).Then, use a touch of psychological pricing. We will use charm pricing, and take the a la carte high-resolution digital from $40 to $39. Now it’s time to incentivize-- buy more, save more.In this case, the studio is pricing a 5 pack of digitals for $119, or just $23.80 per high-res download that includes a print release. There are 5 different looks for each person captured at the events, so be sure to create digital packs that will fit the variety of images offered.


Social sharing downloads can drive higher package sales, and also can be used as a speed incentive to convert views into sales quickly.Include social sharing downloads in your highest print packages to give an extra boost without cutting into your profit. Also, you can use social sharing downloads in a complete marketing strategy as discussed here in step 3, and convert more packages into sales by including social sharing downloads for a limited time.


When it comes to managing images in your PhotoDay gallery, you can disable team images or featured composites from being available to purchase as a download. Here’s how to do it.Please don’t be shy. This is uncharted territory for many volume photographers. We have a fantastic user group community to share and ask questions… join us here!

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