The PhotoDay Sales Tail

Written by
Lisa Mallis
July 17, 2019

Do you usually collect money upfront for picture day? Does the idea of not walking away from picture day with a big sack of cash and checks terrify you? What if I told you that with just a little patience, you can actually earn more!

Taking your business online isn’t just a new workflow, it requires a complete shift in thinking about cash flow for your business. With online sales, you can sell, before, during, and even LONG after picture day. There are many more opportunities to stay in front of your customers with text marketing, gallery offers, custom promos, and many of the other marketing resources we provide here at PhotoDay.

We call this the PhotoDay Sales Tail. We have over a year’s worth of order data that we’ve analyzed. From the data, we were able to find out the percentage earned each day after the gallery publish date for a month’s worth of total order sales. And, here’s what we found:

Our data showed that 80% of total sales for a job come in the first two weeks. The remaining 20% came in the last two weeks! PhotoDay users are bringing in sales up until the end of the month and are seeing OVERALL BOOSTS IN REVENUE AND PROFITS TO THEIR BOTTOM LINE - see for yourself.

Why does this work? You're creating a whole new experience for your customers. You're bringing picture day to them - and you're able to continually engage with them personally using text marketing and offer incentives. You're also giving them the chance to view a wider variety of photos, pick the pictures they want, customize packages and product... the more flexibility, options, and convenience you give them, the more they will buy. Remember, also, that with PhotoDay there’s no batching orders or waiting until the end of the month. You get paid every time a customer places an order - and your lab gets paid immediately too - so no big lab bills are looming.

PhotoDay concentrates on helping you run your business more efficiently and drive more sales. We know the move to online selling is new for many of you, so be sure to check out our other blog posts to help smoothen the transition. We'll help you navigate through setting up your first job, giving you sales advice, and much more. Check out our posts 5 Ways to Take Your Business Online Without Risking Sales and Sell Sooner. Sell More. Sell Smarter!

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