PhotoDay Galleries Just Got a Power-Up

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May 31, 2019

Filling out forms, long wait times...this isn’t the DMV, it’s picture day!!! It should be fun, fast, and easy for parents to view and purchase their child’s photos. For the past year, we've been making steady improvements to the PhotoDay gallery experience. But, today is no ordinary day. We just released a dramatically transformed gallery, making everything from searching for photos to customizing products to checking out, more intuitive and faster than ever. We've done our homework, and every change we've made was designed with your customer in mind. Our (not so) secret motive? A smoother experience for your customers means more sales for you!

Here's what you can expect from the new PhotoDay gallery experience:


The search "modal" - the blue pop-up window where  customers choose their search method - has been refined so that they complete their search before the gallery window opens. And, as mentioned in our version 1.25 release, PhotoDay users now have total search freedom which means you can choose which of the three search methods you want to use for a particular job.


Like we always say, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! So, we've stripped away any excess clutter in the photo galleries - so that your photos take center stage, and customers can browse them without any distraction.


This is HANDS DOWN the most exciting update of all! Now customers can customize products while they shop. For Memory Mates and other highly customizable products, we've given them an all-in-one experience that anticipates their next move. They can now crop and swap photos, choose themes, and add text in just a few simple clicks. By the time they get to their shopping cart, all they have to do is pay and checkout! We expect to see even more orders and higher order values now that we've made it SO INSANELY EASY!!!


With all that product customization behind them, the shopping cart is super they can easily preview their items and complete their order. Hey, maybe this cleaner shopping cart will make them want to fill it even more.

Check out the all-new PhotoDay for yourself! Text access code PD100 to 90738 for the full experience. When you're done, stop by our Facebook User Group to let us know what you think. If your customers need help, we've got your back. Check out: How to PhotoDay and How do I order my photos?

Here's the keep taking great photos and we'll keep making improvements to PhotoDay. And, together we'll take your business to new heights!

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