The PhotoDay Sales Cycle

Written by
Lisa Mallis
July 16, 2021

Going 100% online is exciting! But it might also feel like there are many unknowns —what will sales look like? It can be daunting to completely change your sales method, then sit and wait for orders to roll in. As you add more jobs to PhotoDay, the scarier this all becomes, but soon enough orders are flowing in consistently, and parents are happier than ever. You even have more time on your hands!

Then it hits you—you start digging into the Job Insights and your job performance. You start thinking of ways to reach more customers and wondering why every single image is not yet purchased.

To help you better understand when to expect orders, we did some research and prepared the data for you. Keep in mind that each studio uses a different marketing strategy, but the key factors include the following:

Communication: Getting the word out about picture day is a necessity. We make it easy with email marketing flyers and automatic texts, but it’s important to communicate your information clearly and concisely with multiple points of contact.

Gallery Opt-ins: By connecting your customers to the gallery before and during picture day, you can take advantage of PhotoDay’s automatic text marketing that drives sales sooner.

Buyer Qualification: AdvancePay is the only way to qualify your potential buyers. Customers who purchase an AdvancePay gift card have committed to purchasing photos when they are ready to view.

Incentives + Offers: By rewarding customers for purchasing before a specific date, you can better control your sales cycle and keep customers happy.  

Expiring Galleries: While this is an option within PhotoDay, we don’t recommend it as your first call to action. Instead, try expiring your packages (create a price sheet of individual items only, with no package savings) and letting customers know that they can purchase by a specific date to get the best price + package savings.

So what can you expect? We’ve broken it down for you:

These galleries are still on sale. AdvancePay credit purchases will be higher than order sales when sold at a high dollar amount and have not all been redeemed

At PhotoDay, we want to help your business run efficiently and effectively so you can focus on what you do best—take photos, be creative, and create happy customers! We understand moving to online selling can be new and scary, but we’re here to help you have a smooth transition, set up your jobs, make sense of your reports, and communicate clearly with your customers.

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