Introducing Post-Processing Services in PhotoDay

Written by
Emiley Jones
February 24, 2023

Every professional photographer knows the importance of post-processing. Taking pictures is only part of the job; next comes color correction, extractions, cropping, retouching, composites, and more. To help simplify your process, PhotoDay is excited to announce new and improved Post-Processing Services that will revolutionize your workflow!

Our long-standing Knockouts feature has been completely revamped and upgraded—Knockouts are now 40% cheaper and the turnaround time has gone from days to mere minutes! We also added an intuitive, time-saving Color Correction service to polish your photos effortlessly.

These features will streamline your after-picture-day workflow so you can post galleries (and start selling) faster than ever. With prompt turnaround times for quality color correction and knockouts from most background types, get ready to save valuable time and money.

What are Knockouts, exactly?

PhotoDay’s updated background extraction feature is called Knockouts. By definition, Knockouts extract the subject from a solid background for the purpose of adding a custom background behind the subject. In the past, when photographers wanted to do background extractions, they had to photograph on a blank background (green, blue, gray, white, etc. screens). Next, they used editing software to manually and meticulously remove the backgrounds or they outsourced to third-party companies—all of which can be costly and hard to keep track of as they juggle platforms and software.

With PhotoDay Knockouts, photographers can upload photos, remove backgrounds, and start selling all in one place—without ever leaving the PhotoDay Studio Panel!

PhotoDay Knockouts will remove all background types—so you can shoot with natural backgrounds or against any traditional backdrop, and still offer digital backgrounds for your customers. In the world of online selling, your photos are your inventory, so the more you have to offer, the more you can make!

How PhotoDay Knockouts Have Improved

PhotoDay’s Knockouts services prior to February 2023 were much more limited. We can’t wait for you to see how much faster, affordable, and versatile this service is now! Let’s break down some of the exciting changes:

  • The turnaround time used to be 48 hours, but now it’s a matter of minutes.
  • The approval process is automated, so you can get started right away. Previously, our Customer Success team had to manually approve the process to ensure your photos were optimized for quality Knockouts.
  • Now, a subject can be extracted from any background, not just the previous green or blue screen. So whether you photograph on white, gray, black, or even a natural setting without any backdrops—we can extract it!
  • The cost of Knockouts has been drastically reduced. Knockouts now cost only $0.20 per photo compared to the previous $0.35 per photo.

What is Color Correction? (Hint: It’s not just color correction)

PhotoDay’s brand new Color Correction service intelligently edits your photos so you don’t have to! Color correction is defined as the process of editing a digital image to match how overall color, hues, and tones appear in the natural world.

PhotoDay’s Color Correction service goes beyond the basics by intelligently adjusting exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, and even gamma to deliver a professional look for every image.

Just like Knockouts, our Color Correction service is a one-stop shop, so you can upload, edit, and sell all in one platform. You won’t have to adjust sliders or modify any individual parameters, because PhotoDay’s Color Correction is an intuitive, AI-driven solution.

All Post-Processing jobs process in a matter of minutes, so your workflow can keep rolling smoothly. You’ll save precious time that can be spent doing absolutely anything other than applying presets in Lightroom—take a vacation, start a new hobby, cook more dinners…the options are endless!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The process for both of our Post-Processing Services (Knockouts and Color Correction) is incredibly simple and fast. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Post-Processing job in PhotoDay
  • Just go to Job > Services > Post-Processing
  • Select the services you’d like: Knockouts, Color Correction, or both.
  • Upload your photos
  • Purchase PhotoDay Credits to pay for the services. (more on that below!)
  • Receive an email when the job is done processing—which is usually in minutes.
  • You can download the edited images, move them to the corresponding PhotoDay job—or both!

We told you it was easy! Thanks to improvements in AI editing technology, your Post-Processing jobs will be ready at lightning speed and for a fraction of the cost.

What about those credits you mentioned?

PhotoDay Credits are the currency we use in PhotoDay! You can purchase these credits right within the PhotoDay Studio Panel to use in exchange for Post-Processing services.

Credits are now only $0.10 per credit, down from the previous $0.35 per credit. All credits purchased before this release have been converted to the new credit value—so 1 old credit = 3.5 new credits. Knockouts jobs cost 2 credits per photo. Color Correction jobs cost 1 credit per photo.

Ready to simplify your post-picture day process?

Are you ready to save time, streamline your process, and delight your customers more than ever? If so, give PhotoDay’s Post-Processing Services a try! We’re confident that automating your post-processing can help improve your work-life harmony.

If you’re already a PhotoDay User, just sign in to try it out. You can start by running a sample job with just a few test photos. This support article will walk you through it.

If you’re not a PhotoDay User yet, create a free account to get started. Since you can download your extracted and/or edited photos to your own computer, you don’t have to sell your photos on PhotoDay to use these services!

P.S. Our Customer Success Team is here to help you every step of the way. When you’re signed into PhotoDay, just click the orange bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to start a live chat or schedule a one-on-one call.

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