10 New Features You're Gonna Love

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June 6, 2018

Here at PhotoDay we believe that technology can transform the volume photography experience. That’s why every new feature we develop is carefully designed to improve the lives of photographers, labs, and the parents they serve. We also believe in constant innovation which is why we won’t ever stop making tweaks and improvements to our product. With our first fall photo season just around the corner, we wanted to make sure that PhotoDay was 100% ready for prime time! Here’s a list of recent features that we deployed:

Creating purchase incentives

Every other industry on the planet uses special offers to drive sales. We knew we had to make coupon style offers part of the sales process for volume photography. Our offers feature is built so that photographers can set up incentives to encourage specific purchase behaviors - like higher order values and earlier ordering. These incentive offers are super flexible so the photographer can design offers that best fit their business. Offer types include: percentage and dollar-off discounts, product giveaways, and free shipping. Our most recent release includes product giveaways - BOGO (buy one, get one) and free product with a purchase.

Mobile experience for everybody

With PhotoDay, customers can access their photo galleries and make purchases right from their smartphones. Parents can go to the website gallery for an awesome experience on either their phone or computer.

Going digital

We realize that sometimes parents just want the digital files of their kids’ photos so they can save them in a folder for later or print them on their own. This most recent PhotoDay release includes a digital download product option so that parents can purchase watermark-free image files.

Gallery notifications

We love it when parents sign up for their child’s picture day in advance. When they opt in early we want to make sure they receive a notification as soon as the photographer uploads the file to let them know their photos are available for viewing and purchase. In this most recent release, we added a text notification that lets parents know as soon as their photos are ready. We thought you’d like that!

Smart cropping

PhotoDay puts the child’s professionally shot photos right into the parent’s hands. We've also given parents more control of their photos than ever. With our new smart cropping feature parents can crop and rotate photos to look exactly how they want them to look. It’s even smart enough to know the image’s orientation - so a 5x7 image will print either landscape or portrait. Parents know best!

Recognizing faces in a crowd

PhotoDay’s face recognition technology, FaceFind, uses AI technology to get smarter every day. What this means is that FaceFind delivers more accurate results to parents who are trying to find their child’s photos in a gallery with possibly dozens if not hundreds of other kids. We want to make sure that a face at any angle in any lighting can be detected. This most recent release (and probably every release from here on out!) will include refinements to FaceFind. We are always striving for perfection.

Getting started on PhotoDay

While PhotoDay is incredibly simple to use, we know that it is a radically different workflow for photographers. That’s why we’ve created these bite-sized tutorial videos to help them quickly get set up and get started using PhotoDay. We take them step-by-step through the process of setting up their studio, their storefront, their clients, their jobs, special offers, and more! If you're not already using PhotoDay, you can sign up here.

Because little details matter

The photographers already using PhotoDay give us lots of valuable feedback for ways we can tweak our product and make it better. Here are a few of the smaller feature enhancements we made with this most recent release:

  • Package item quantities: Item quantities will track throughout the purchase process
  • Image favoriting: Parents can “heart” their favorite images as they go through the gallery.
  • Monthly sales reports: Photographers can track their sales and sales tax right from their PhotoDay studio panel.

We certainly have been busy over here at our Orlando HQ. Please keep your feedback coming so that we can continue to iterate and make your PhotoDay experience even better!

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