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The Guide to Simplifying Picture Day

Learn how PhotoDay® can save you valuable time and help you get back to doing what you love most... taking pictures!

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The workflow

PhotoDay® provides efficient workflows and business solutions driven by innovative technology.

The Result: you get your time back. With your new free time, you can explore a healthy work-life balance, spend more time with family, travel freely, and invest fresh energy back into growing your business.

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What our users are saying

PhotoDay® has given us so much free time. We're making money, all while we are doing everyday fun things, not even thinking about work. PhotoDay® has helped us have the confidence we need to scale our brand without worrying about the back-end side of things.

Jason & Jo Marino

Strada Studios

The minutes it saves you on [a small job] will be hours saved on a large job. You won’t be the only one to notice the new simplicity…the staff and school will notice it, too.

Zeke Moreno

Chalkboard Photography

[Capture] is breathtaking and fast. It's fast at the picture day, and it's fast back in the office. The amount of time saved in the whole process is almost incalculable. With hundreds of schools, it's an absolute game-changer for us.

Neal Freed

Neal Freed Photography

You photograph, you upload, and you're done. Then you're eating dinner, and all of a sudden cha-ching! even from jobs over a year old.

Janelle Bowman

Classic Portraits

It blew my mind. All I had to do was capture, edit, post, and then just sit back and watch sales. We had always done schools with forms, then PhotoDay® came along and saved our lives.

Justin Grafton

Justin Grafton Studios

If you’re not up to your head in workflow, and you have automated things on the backend that help reduce that workflow—you can dream about things. You have the moments and the opportunity to actually create or ideate about something that’s bigger than just taking a photo.

Rose & Tim Coleman

Center Stage Photos

It improves the image of your brand and allows you to do so much more with your time. You can focus on your images, you can focus on editing, you can focus on creating new looks and items. There’s no reason to wait.

Jake Carr

J7 Images

See for yourself how PhotoDay® streamlines and simplifies picture day from start to finish.

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We're not just software. We're a community dedicated to bringing picture day into the hands of today's parents, influencing and improving creativity, and leveraging technology every step of the way.