Senior Software Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced senior software engineer to help build and grow our platform.

What you would be doing:

  • Planning and building new features
  • Maintain and support existing features and codebase
  • Creating unit tests for existing or new features
  • Help improve our existing infrastructure and devops
  • Debugging complex issues across various stacks and codebases
  • Designing and architecting systems for simplicity, optimization and scale
  • Coordinating legacy migrations and large refactors across multiple team members
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams and communicating with project stakeholders
  • Responsible for ensuring code quality and security during code reviews
  • Providing partners with clear communication for support and during integrations
  • Discovering and proposing solutions to existing pain points in our systems

Required experience:

  • Ruby on Rails, Laravel or any other modern backend framework
  • SQL Database Design and Management
  • React, Typescript and modern frontend development
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure Design and Management
  • Bash, Linux, Git, and Docker
  • Continuous Integration Workflows

Other useful skills:

  • Kubernetes
  • RSpec and FactoryBot unit testing
  • GraphQL with Apollo client or equivalent
  • Datadog monitoring and configuration
  • Managing distributed systems
  • Mobile development

Benefits & Perks:

  • Generous PTO and company holiday schedule
  • A range of benefits to select from including: dental, life, vision, medical.  Partial or full premium coverage provided by PhotoDay depending upon plan selection.
  • Ability to work fully remote or hybrid with travel into our Winter Park, FL HQ—abundance of coffee and snacks

An ideal candidate would have experience across a variety of systems and platforms. We are looking for someone who enjoys more than just going to work because we are a family inside the office and out. This job is fully remote or hybrid, meaning we are flexible when it comes to remote and office time; most of our employees enjoy coming into the office once a week. Also, our salary is negotiable based on experience.