Not All Pixels are Created Equal with Jack Levin

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March 22, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jack Levin. He's an imaging software guru who is also a technical advisor to PhotoDay. His current company Nventify, Inc. makes the cloud-based imaging processing software, Imagizer - used by giants like Nordstrom and Homesnap. In complete non-tech terms, his company gives customers a better image browsing experience, whether they're shopping for shoes or houses...and now sports & school photography!

PhotoDay has integrated Imagizer into our platform which means dynamic image sizes based on pixel ratio and overall improved speed and performance for images displayed in PhotoDay galleries. On the surface, nothing should look much different but that's the beauty of Imagizer. It's one of those under-the-hood things that you don't notice...but we notice. We know that if we can shave microseconds off of image load times, this will result in a better overall experience for the end customer and more sales for the studios who use PhotoDay.

Before Nventify, Jack co-founded ImageShack and yfrog, which provided image delivery and hosting for MySpace (awww!) and Twitter. In the early days of his career, Jack was among the first employees at Google, working as an Infrastructure Engineer, overseeing early partnerships with Netscape, Yahoo, AOL, ASK and many others. Let's just say he knows his stuff - and he shared it with us in this video interview. Enjoy!

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