Mo' Money...Fast! Version 1.5

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November 26, 2018

Who couldn’t use a few more greenbacks in their stocking this holiday. This latest version (1.5) is all about speeding up the time it takes for you to earn more $$$. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself!


Building an online store with FaceFind technology as well as customizable price sheets and products is no small feat! Our awesome development team has been working fast to release new features to you each week. At last, we’ve reached the point where we can bring all of these features together in a dramatically faster checkout flow for your customers. We eliminated 11 clicks from the order/checkout process!!!! CHECK - it - OUT:

Here's what's new about the checkout process:

  • We’ve simplified the process of updating and cropping the photo by combining the two. For example, when you add a photo to a product that requires more than 1 photo, you select the photo then crop it all in the same process. No need to click on a separate crop option anymore.
  • We now intuitively crop the photo based on your initial crop so when the customer selects and adds more than one product, we do our best to auto crop the photo to the product. This saves a lot of time specifically in large orders and in packages with multiple products.
  • Customers now have the ability to preview what product, photo, theme, and text they’ve selected. They can now accurately see how the photo will look in the product(s) they’ve purchased along with any customizations they added.
  • This all translates into a much more seamless experience that's designed to let customers quickly and accurately checkout.


Flyers are the #1 way to promote picture day to parents. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make them better for you. With this release, you get a new post picture day flyer template as well as lots more flexibility to customize your flyers the way you want them. You can even feature multiple offers on one flyer to help drive those sales!!!


If you haven’t been hibernating for the last week, you probably know about our new PROMOS feature. PROMOS lets our studios get back in front of their customers with enticing seasonal promotions. It’s a whole new source of revenue - just in time for the holiday shopping season! See for yourself.


You know we're serious about showing you real-time business metrics, data, and results for your jobs. Keeping tabs on your business - and understanding what works and what doesn't - will make you even smarter about your business - and allow you to service your customers better. That's why we've recently added individual order numbers to your Stripe account. This will help you connect individual payments with orders.

Note: A small group of users will have to "relink" their Stripe account to see the order data- if you're one of those users, you'll get an email with more info. 

This was a big release and that was just the highlights! For a full list of everything that was part of Version 1.5, check out our version updates page.

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