You Asked. We Delivered. Announcing Version 1.2

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August 20, 2018

Strive for perfection is one of our unofficial mottos around here, make more coffee is another. We couldn't have done this version 1.2 feature release without both - and without all of the awesome suggestions we've gotten from our users! And now here it is, version 1.2:

Like It, Or Not

Photographers who use PhotoDay already know how easy it is to offer multiple poses and buddy/sibling shots. We’re already seeing results that show that parents are buying more when they have lots of great shots to choose from. With so many new choices, we want to make it easy for parents to mark their favorite photos. With this most recent product release, parents can now “favorite” a photo on their phone and then later view all their favorites on their tablet or computer. We’re saving and syncing their favorites across devices so they can browse on their phone during the day, share with their spouse at night, and then quickly place their order!

Scalable Watermarks

You asked and we listened. Photographers can scale their watermark to any size. You already could control the opacity and position on your photos- now you can also control the size. A simple change that we know will go a long way!

Sending Out an SMS

Text-based marketing is a big part of the PhotoDay experience. Parents text access codes to view a photo gallery - and we text parents to alert them of published galleries, to confirm orders and to let them know when orders have shipped. In this latest release, we've added two more texts : One when the gallery is 7 days from expiration, and another the day before it expires. These texts are designed to to create urgency and motivate parents to purchase!

Let's Get Digital

Digital downloads are here to stay. With this latest release, we've made it possible for customers to view and download photos via the web gallery. It's a simple, one-step process - the studio doesn't have to collect a phone # and the customer doesn't have to download an app. Also, we've made it possible for digital downloads to be included packages as well as offered as purchase incentives. We offer both low-res and high-res downloads - that you can price accordingly!

Studio Resources

Our brand new Studio Resources section is jam-packed with tools for success! We've brought together some of our existing resources and added a bunch of new ones. Here's what's included:

  • Sales Kit - This kit was designed to help photographers talk about PhotoDay with their accounts. It contains a quick Powered by PhotoDay video as well as a sell sheet describing all of the benefits of a paperless picture day!
  • Marketing Kit - Our awesome designers created some posters, banners, reminder cards, and more to help photographers promote an all-online picture day. Everything is downloadable and customizable to include your studio info. Curious to know what's in the Marketing Kit? Read this: New Marketing Tools for a New Picture Day!
  • Webinar Replays - We're hosting live webinars all the time - but we know you're busy and can't attend all of them. So, we're saving the replays in the Studio Resources section for you to view at your convenience.
  • Tutorials, Support, and more... We've added links to our video tutorials, support section and helpful step-by-step visuals like our recent A Simpler Way to Set Up Picture Day so everything you need is at your finger tips.

Other improvements:

  • Facefind our proprietary system for recognizing faces is getting better and smarter over time - so we can serve up increasingly accurate results for parents. We're working on it all the time and made some refinements part of this version 1.2 release.
  • Last but not least, we're sending the studio's address to the print lab to be used as the return address on the order shipping label. Studios can add / change their address on the "My Studio" page to reflect the one they want used on the shipping label.

That's it for now. This is the first wave of 1.2 releases - expect more announcements in the weeks ahead!And, please, please, please, keep your feedback coming. The more feedback (and the more coffee) we have, the more perfect we can make the PhotoDay experience!

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