Hat-trick! WHCC + PhotoDay

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August 18, 2018

Big week here at PhotoDay HQ!!! Today, we're busting at the seams to announce that premier pro printing lab White House Custom Colour (WHCC) is officially live with PhotoDay - putting us at a total of 3 lab partners. Together we're revolutionizing the entire sports and event photography experience for volume studios and their customers.

We've fully integrated PhotoDay with WHCC, giving photographers a totally paper-free, online workflow that saves time, cuts costs, and ultimately helps drive sales in more ways than we can count. Here are just a few:

  • On-the-go convenience for busy parents makes ordering kids' photos quick and easy.
  • No more associating orders with photos - which seriously expands the potential for more poses. More poses = more sales!
  • The ability to customize offer incentives creates urgency and excitement to purchase.
  • Putting data entry into the hands of parents saves photographers lots of time - so they can spend more time finding new business (or chillaxing on the beach).
  • Direct delivery from the lab speeds up the time for parents to get their orders --> happy customers!

Our goal was to make certain PhotoDay technology works seamlessly with WHCC’s systems. We conducted rigorous testing to ensure a smooth process from the time a studio secures a job through the fulfillment and delivery of orders. See for yourself.

For over 20 years WHCC has focused on delivering the highest quality print products and top-notch service. They’ve built a reputation on their willingness to innovate and embrace technology all in the name of providing excellence for their customers.

We're humbled to be the end-to-end solution WHCC chose for their studios. Their core beliefs such as “Often First, Always Best,” “Speed Matters,” and “Create Moments of Delight” align so closely with our own, making this a natural fit for both organizations. According to Jim Jamison of WHCC, “We want to bring our customers the most innovative solutions - and I see PhotoDay as the most forward-looking, creative solution available on the market today.”

As you can probably tell, we're pretty proud to be forging the future of volume photography with WHCC by our side. So, what are you waiting for???? Sign up for WHCC powered by PhotoDay.

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