The Magic of Multi-Pose

Written by
Lisa Mallis
October 15, 2018

More sales, more fun, happier parents… sounds like a great picture day doesn’t it? The magic potion isn’t more time, more equipment, or more staff… the magic potion is multi-pose, taking more pictures of kids.

How does multi-pose increase sales?

Think about it. How often have you, as a photographer, wished that you didn’t have to choose between two amazing photos? Now, imagine you’re a parent and those two amazing photos are of your kid. Each photo looks great, one shows off his great smile, one shows off his fierce game face. For parents, choosing a favorite photo is almost as hard as choosing a favorite kid!

Momarazzi Studios reported that the shoot seen below resulted in three poses per order and a 38% higher AOV compared to last year!  The highest order included products for 7 different poses - a $121 purchase.

With PhotoDay, no one has to choose - you can offer parents more poses and parents can order more photos!

PhotoDay’s FaceFind and paperless ordering system mean that you can take multiple pictures of kids, and parents can find the photos and poses they want. Think taking several pictures of each kid is going to take a lot of time? Watch this video from Momarazzi Studios and see how fast it can go, it’s almost like a spell has been cast:

The magic trick here is that the process is 100% online - no numbers to write down, no order forms to keep in line, no data to collect or barcodes to scan. You can take your pictures and move on to the next kid. Staff that used to spend their time collecting order forms or asking parents for clarification on names, can now be transformed into someone that can help with the actual shoot. By managing the props and creating more excitement and fun at the shoot, they’ll help you take more, and better, photos.

How can you make the most out of multi-pose?

Obviously, having magical and creative ideas for poses helps, but you can also structure your packages to guide customers to purchasing multiple poses. For example, you could create a “Multi-Pose Pack” consisting of multiple 5x7s, or a multiple “digital download” pack for the parent who just can’t choose between photos.

Remember when Polaroid pictures used to seem like magic? Thanks to digital photos and phones, everyone is used to instant results and no one takes just one photo anymore. Parents are used to having multiple photos of a single event, each one capturing just the right angle, image, or feel. With multi-pose you can satisfy parents’ needs for variety while boosting your sales! It might feel magical, but it’s really just good business.

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