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October 3, 2018

We are psyched to announce PhotoDay Version 1.3 to you today. It is packed with big-time product updates that propel us further down our path to transforming picture day for photographers and parents!

Sell Sooner with AdvancePay

One of the biggest game-changers with this release is AdvancePay, PhotoDay's answer to prepay. AdvancePay gives photographers the benefit of getting paid before picture day without limiting sales after picture day. With AdvancePay, you can use enticing offers to motivate customers to purchase AdvancePay credits that they can apply to their future order. Let me make this real for you... you can say this to your customers without having to worry about any manual tracking:

Hey early birds? Get free shipping on your order when you purchase a $30 AdvancePay credit before picture day!

That's AdvancePay. Watch the video and learn more here!

Sell Smarter with Insights

Imagine knowing up-to-the-minute how each of your jobs is doing - any time, anywhere. How many people texted in the access code? How many orders have been placed? How much total $ sales have come in? And, how much profit in your pocket? Ka-ching!

Well now you can with PhotoDay Insights. You can access Insights right from your Studio Panel. This isn't just nice-to-know info, it's business intelligence you can use. You can drill down to see which individual people texted in the access code, but still haven't placed an order. Maybe you want to boost sales, so you'll want to create a new offer to drive more parents to order. We're kinda nerdy about this stuff - so we're totally in love with this new feature!  Check out this article: How Can I Use Insights to Help Grow My Business?

Sell More!

Everything we do is 100% focused on helping you run your business more efficiently and drive more sales. These next two product updates fall straight into the category of selling more!

SMS Text Marketing

Text marketing is central to the PhotoDay experience. For those of you newbies, customers text in an access code to see their gallery. This starts the flow of automatic text messages from PhotoDay to your customers that get triggered at key points, like when you set your gallery status to Published! With this Version 1.3 release, we're introducing a new series of friendly reminder texts that go out 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days after your gallery has been published - only to the customers who haven't ordered yet. We did some testing with a real-life picture day, and we saw AWESOME results with this approach. We're so excited to make this live for all of our studios. Check out our series of SMS texts.

Flyer Templates

Flyers are often your very first touchpoint with customers. So, they've gotta look good and communicate all the key picture day info. Our two new flyer templates - one for AdvancePay and the other for  general jobs - will get your customers excited about this new, all-online picture day. Each template brings in all the key info about each job like the picture day date, special offer, and gallery access code. All you have to do is customize and send it!

Checkout Experience

We've heard from many of you who have told us that parents sometimes get confused by the checkout process - or that it simply takes too long. We addressed these issues with a couple of key enhancements:

  1. We've taken the first step toward "one & done" auto-cropping. Now, customers can crop a photo only once and this cropping will be automatically applied to any other products they've chosen for that photo with the same aspect ratio. We're already working to broaden this feature so that customers won't have to crop again when there's a similar aspect ratio. Stay tuned!
  2. We've also made changes to the cart interface to make it easier and faster to update products. Rest assured this is only the beginning - we'll continue perfecting the checkout process until people are flying through it with speed and ease!

So that's it. Version 1.3 in the books! Keep the feedback coming in our Facebook Users Group - we can't do this without you!!!

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