8 Ways Photographers Can Use Coupon Offers to Increase Sales

Written by
Lisa Mallis
May 16, 2018

Coupons are the currency of online sales. As consumers, we all look for and expect to save when we’re making purchases online. We thought it was about time for volume photographers to get in on the action. Coupon offers create a powerful incentive that can be used to motivate your customers to order early, to increase their order amounts, and to come back later for more products! PhotoDay gives you maximum flexibility to create offers that fit your business needs.Want proof? According to Vouchercloud, 65% of consumers say online voucher codes often sway their purchase decisions if they are undecided. They can also be a successful retention tactic, as 91% of coupon redeemers say they will purchase from a retailer again if they are offered a coupon.PhotoDay’s offer module introduces coupon codes into the volume photography process in a totally unprecedented way. I think it’s pretty magical. Here are 8 strategies you can use to accelerate sales and satisfy more customers:

  1. CREATE URGENCY - Want to kick off picture day with a bang? Use a limited time coupon code. For example, “the first 25 orders will receive FREE shipping”. Or, use a time-based coupon code: “Hurry, offer expires on June 30.” Set the expiration date 7 days past picture day to give you time to edit, upload, and promote!
  2. ENCOURAGE BIGGER ORDERS. Try “Save $5 off of purchase values of $40 or more, or $10 off of $60 or more!” Doing value-based offers urges customers to add that one more product that will get them to the next savings level. It’s a real win-win!
  3. CLOSE MORE SALES.  People abandon their shopping carts - it happens. When it does, PhotoDay will send a friendly reminder and will soon be able to include an attractive offer that expires and can help to close the sale.
  4. BUILD SEASONAL CAMPAIGNS - Create a unique code according to upcoming holidays. For example, Father’s Day. Use code DAD18 to get 20% off any order! Keep track of the consumers who have taken advantage of this offer, the amount they spent, and the effectiveness. Modify and create more global campaigns to rock the boat during times where photo gifting is popular!
  5. PAY IT FORWARD. Reward those who volunteered at your picture day event or left you a great review by giving them a special discount offer. Be sure to attach a “thank you” for each code, “Thanks for leaving us a great review, here’s a free Memory Mate on us”. With PhotoDay, you can use private and restricted codes for specific customers.
  6. REWARD & TRACK AFFILIATES- Provide a key contact at the school or league with a special code, just for them. Track the sales from that offer code. Everyone wins - customers get a discount, your affiliate gets a commission and you get new customers!
  7. BOOST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS. - Establish a social media marketing plan and add offer codes to the mix. Post offers and encourage sharing. Then, use an app such as Keyhole (http://keyhole.co/) to track mentions, hashtags, urls, keywords and more!
  8. GENERATE DEMAND. We like to call this one “Ask and you shall receive!” Use social media to run a promotion that engages your customer so they have to ask YOU for the coupon code.

Have you implemented special offers and coupon codes into your marketing plan? If so, we’d love to hear which strategies have worked for you.

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