Knockouts, Simplified

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What are knockouts, exactly?

Today, many people have access to some variation of AI technology that can instantly remove backgrounds and layer video and photos. In the photography world, these are called knockouts, but you might also know them through plenty of consumer-facing apps like TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram. Creating with knockouts is fun, and when combined with a simple user experience, it can even become addicting, to say the least!

This same technology has been used for over 2 decades now by school photographers. So what is this artificial intelligence thing anyway, and how does it work? Many of the instant background removing solutions out there utilize machine and/or deep learning to identify humans or objects in an image, then extract them from the background. As with any form of learning, the more we practice the better we get. While this technology currently works great in most cases, it’s still not quite 100%, especially when it comes to consistent quality.

As a result, PhotoDay’s Knockout service is a combination of AI and quality control, with the goal of continuing to exceed customer expectations. We already know image is king when it comes to selling online, and premium quality knockouts will help satisfy consumer demand.

So how much money are we talking about?

We also know that offering a variety of images matters when it comes to keeping consumers happy. This is why we’ve made our quality knockouts extremely affordable—starting at $.35 per image. You won’t have to pick and choose which poses to knock out and offer to your customers. Let them choose the ones they love, instead!

Embrace convenience and take control

Life gets busy. When photographers have countless jobs booked throughout the short window of 10-12 weeks of “photo season,” schedules can easily be disrupted. Uniforms are back-ordered, schools shut down, weather is bad—then picture days get rescheduled or broken up into multiple-day sessions. Next, come staffing issues, schedule overlaps, and everything in between. While you may not always be in control of your schedule, your workflow is something you can manage. Photoday’s Knockouts service not only helps keep your workflow predictable but also simplifies the post-picture-day process!

Simply upload your green or blue screen images to your PhotoDay job, and let us do the rest! We’ll let you know when the knockouts are complete, and you can simply move them into your photo gallery and publish using the PhotoDay Backgrounds feature!

If you just want to use PhotoDay Knockouts and do your own thing, that’s great! You can download your knocked-out PNGs and do as your heart desires.

To begin using PhotoDay Knockouts – sign up for a PhotoDay account and dive right in. If you’re already a user (wooohoooo!) just set up a job, tap Services, and follow the instructions! Prefer a live demo? Watch this quick webinar demo.

You’ve got this. Happy fall, y’all!

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